Video Project (& readings)

Here is a short video I made where I interviewed some students about James Farmer. I have a little experience with iMovie, so making this short clip was easy!

Digital Projects to review!

Hurricane Digital Memory Bank: For a digital project that started in 2005, it has aged gracefully (with many updates). I really liked the layout of the website: not too confusing or flashy. Its basic look made it easily navigable and I wanted to look deeper into the website because it was so easy to use.

The September 11 Digital Archive: I thought it was interesting that their FAQs page was mainly links to outside resources and news outlets. I think that was a pretty smart way of giving a basic amount of knowledge for all consumers (in case they are stumbling across this website with no knowledge about the event) without dedicating too much time or space into cataloging the history of the event itself.

Lost & Found: I kind of like the vertical menu bar instead of the traditional horizontal one. My only wish is that it could track with the page, so that when you scroll down far, the menu follows it. The only thing that really bugged me was the news widget that was on the bottom of every page (saying the recent news posts from Lost & Found).

American Archive: I said before that websites that are continuous scroll annoy me. I would rather switch to the different tabs that have the “ease” of sliding into the next page.

Hull House: A lot of the features of this website were disabled (I assume because of age). Despite that, I still liked the layout. It was very straightforward about what I was going to see (for the things that I could see). I would, however, criticize the text font and colors. For the hyperlinks, it was like a light yellow shade which made it hard to read sometimes. Also, the introduction was a huge amount of text that could have been better split up.

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