Timeline and StoryMap JS

I’ve worked with Timeline JS for two other projects, so I am fairly comfortable with its formatting. I’d be interested in figuring out if I could move the images around the timeline “slide”. It can get quit repetitive to have the images only show up on the right-hand side. I know you can make the images the entire background, but that doesn’t work for all image formats.

StoryMap JS was a cool tool to navigate! I think it might be useful in the JF Project. Again, I did not run into many issues. Though, I could not figure out how to put in the coordinates so that it would pop up to the exact location I wanted. Sometimes the search function for the locations was limiting, but I tried to work around it.

I embedded my Timeline and my StoryMap onto their own pages because I thought that would be cleaner than a blog post. Check them out by using the menu bar above!

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