I spent one winter break researching local historic institutions’ use of Omeka and PastPerfect for cataloging collections for a smaller, non-profit museum in Northern Virginia as they tackled the huge task of a site wide inventory. I was able to play around with Omeka a bit and get a good understanding of its functions within an institution as a record keeping system. I was excited to see that Omeka was something we could use in this course and taking a look at the different examples listed, the usage of Omeka seems to be more broad than I was introduced to.

I was intrigued by the Histories of the National Mall website with its interactive map. I hadn’t seen a map function like that before: with multiple layers that could be searched through. The map held over three hundred entries. It felt like a creative way to visually introduce historical content instead of just listing it or using a timeline. However, the map was sometimes hard to navigate using touch screens or a track-pad mouse. Nothing is perfect, but that did make me think about ways to make it more accessible.

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