March 16th-20th

This week I did my first oral history interview through Zoom. On Wednesday, I did a test Zoom interview with my roommate and shared the recorded footage with my group members.

Yesterday, I completed my first interview and I also ran into my first problem with transitioning to online learning. I have been having internet problems on and off for about a month now. We had the internet provider come out and rewire our internet, but it still goes down frequently. Right before I called my first interviewer yesterday, my internet went down. I had to connect my laptop to my phone’s data in order to get the interview done. I was lucky that it worked for that interview, but I can see myself running out of data fast if that is what it comes to. I have another interview scheduled for next week and I have already uploaded and shared my interview from yesterday with my group members so that they can begin to edit the footage.

One thought on “March 16th-20th”

  1. I definitely understand having internet problems since I’ve been having similar issues with my internet. My group is lucky since we don’t have to worry about interviewing people, but I can see how the transition online will be more challenging for you and your group. I think it’s great that you guys are using the Zoom recordings to finish your project.

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