JF project presentation

This week we had our project presentations (or more like project outlines…?) and I think it really helped in ensuring that all of us were on the same page about everyone’s duties. I am mostly in charge of collecting the oral histories and creating the website! I am extremely excited for the oral histories part as it is something that I have not really delved into since high school.

For the website, I am working John as the “leaders”! We are in charge of creating the layout for the website and ensuring that all of the items and collections are formatted correctly. This is a huge responsibility, but everyone else on the team is going to help as we go along!

One thought on “JF project presentation”

  1. I am glad you are taking responsibility for creating the website, but is it too much for one person? For my group on the Civil Wars letters, everyone has access to the website and divides up the work (uploading letters, etc). I hope everything works out!

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