Digital identity readings

Digital identity, and its lasting impacts, is something that my parents have been warning me about ever since I joined Facebook in elementary school. Reading the short description of google searching job applicants makes all of my parents’ warnings valid. Educational posts like Danah Boyd’s about protecting yourself and forming a public digital identity is so important to read and include in your life. I’ve attempted at making my online social media accounts as private as possible, but it never occurred to me to create accounts or to foster a public, professional identity.

Not a day goes by in my house where a comment like “my phone is listening to me” is jokingly said but the New York Times piece shows how close to realty that is. There is one quote about how the greatest minds of this generation are being used to create and drive these advertising campaigns. It is insane to me that out of all of the possible uses of time and money, companies are so focused building a profit, that that is what they focus on. So many of these funds could be better used in improving services and platforms, or by paying content censors a fair wage.

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