Creative Commons & our project

I think we might be in a unique position because of the content that we are creating for this project. We are writing and publishing new oral histories/interviews with students/alumni/people connected to James Farmer. Also, there are certain pieces of Farmer content in the Special Collections that do not have creative commons licensing and would require extra steps like contacting the original interviewers to get access to publishing those materials. For our project, I can see use using a lot of fair use items and CC in the editing of our videos.

I am a bit confused about the whole looking at Wikipedia entries. I looked at historical events (Pearl Harbor attack, World War I) and then thought maybe that wasn’t the assignment, so I looked at objects (candles, computer mouse) and I still didn’t see a discussion tab. I did see a history tab for the objects that I looked at and it went over a brief description of antecedents and how the object came about (the needs for it, why the antecedent didn’t work, and what needed to be developed alongside it).

Also, just a quick update on our group project. Just submitted the finalized version of our group contract and we’re already making head way! We are currently trying to work around all of our busy schedules and find time to meet with Angie in the Digital Archiving Lab!

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