Digital Portfolio

I used to have a very in-depth website that I used for my portfolio, but when refiguring my domain to make this blogging site, something happened and it is all gone. With that, I do have a tab on my menu bar for my digital portfolio that goes through the basics of my resume, some writing samples, and relevant class projects that I can link to. That can also be found here!

My entire website is pretty linear and simple, which is what I wanted. I have a lot of issues with accessibility when navigating the internet myself, so I wanted to make sure that my website and portfolio was as straightforward as possible. Hope you like it!

Group Progress Presentation

This week we decided it was best if we all made our own individual blog posts to talk about our project. Last time, we recorded a Zoom call. It is getting harder to communicate across our group and have times that work for everyone! That is just something that we are learning how to deal with.

So far, I have completed three interviews with each one getting progressively better. Because we are using Zoom and Zoom’s recording features, I have to be really aware of talking over them and shifting the recording image to me. Since my first interview, we all figured out that it would be better for me to mute my microphone as frequently as I can to ensure that the recording image is over my interviewee. So, with muting my microphone, I end up nodding my head vigorously to show that I am listening to what is being said, ahaha.

This past week, we also started discussing metadata and inputing items into our Omeka site. Megan, who is in charge of inputing a lot of our artifacts, has reached out and asked for our help in sorting through the Special Collections’ newspaper mentions of Dr. Farmer. Over the next few weeks, we will be focusing a lot more on metadata inputs and discussing how we want these exhibits to be laid out. I think figuring out a strong narrative to carry these artifacts will take the longest time to figure out while inputing all of the metadata fields will take the longest time to complete.

Digital identity readings

Digital identity, and its lasting impacts, is something that my parents have been warning me about ever since I joined Facebook in elementary school. Reading the short description of google searching job applicants makes all of my parents’ warnings valid. Educational posts like Danah Boyd’s about protecting yourself and forming a public digital identity is so important to read and include in your life. I’ve attempted at making my online social media accounts as private as possible, but it never occurred to me to create accounts or to foster a public, professional identity.

Not a day goes by in my house where a comment like “my phone is listening to me” is jokingly said but the New York Times piece shows how close to realty that is. There is one quote about how the greatest minds of this generation are being used to create and drive these advertising campaigns. It is insane to me that out of all of the possible uses of time and money, companies are so focused building a profit, that that is what they focus on. So many of these funds could be better used in improving services and platforms, or by paying content censors a fair wage.